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Muramatsu Flutes
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Muramatsu Guaranty of Quality:

When buying a Muramatsu Flute you get a 3 years Guaranty. All necessary works will be done for free during that time. All Instruments in stock.

Every single Muramatsu Flute from EX-III to 24k is made in highest Quality.
All Instruments are handmade.

All prices in Euro incl. Austrian VAT.

Passion to produce only handmade flutes.
Our pride and conscience as a pioneer result in
the "World Famous Muramatsu Flutes."

Flutes were made in Japan in 1923 for the first time, when there were only 20 amateur and professional flutists.
This epochal event was accomplished by an eminent craftsman, the late Koichi Muramatsu, who founded Muramatsu Flute.
The passion of this pioneer who loved the flute and spent his life time making flutes, is very much alive today as the core spirit of Muramatsu.
He said “During a break in flute making you must play the flute.
If you can’t play the flute, you won’t be able to meet all the requests from all flute players.”
All craftspeople at Muramatsu are all good flute players and are carrying on this spirit of the founder.
They thoroughly and repeatedly research, develop, and craft prototypes. They are almost obsessed with the desire to produce only the best flutes.
Their deep love of flutes and for those who love them is the reason why flutists from around the world have great expectations from Muramatsu flutes and count on their reliability.
The steady efforts made by the founder bore fruits in each one of the flutes manufactured by Muramatsu, and under the leadership of his successor, the late Osamu Muramatsu, Muramatsu flutes have become professional flutes for flutists of the world.
This laudable tradition has been passed on to the new generation at Muramatsu, and Muramatsu flutes are chosen not only by Japanese flutists but also by flutists in famous orchestras as well as prominent soloists around the world.
They are now very highly treasured flutes. The number of those who treasure Japan’s Muramatsu flutes is increasing every year.
Muramatsu accepts its reputation with humility, and will continue to manufacture new models with sensibility and scientific research so as to guarantee customere’s satisfaction.