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Markus Lorenz
Master of Arts
Flute Specialist
Muramatsu Flute

During my studies - Konzertfach Flöte - at the University for Music und Performing Arts Vienna with Prof. Hansgeorg Schmeiser I came in contact with Muramatsu Flute. I was trained in Flute Repair from 2004 to 2007 in Tokorozawa, Japan, where the Muramatsu company is seated.

After finishing my studies with Prof. Rudolf Gindlhumer at the kwpu I opened my shop specialised on Muramatsu Flutes.

My main target is, beside my professional activities as a musician, to provide a unique service for Flutists,who share my affection for the Muramatsu Flute.

During all my works, Quality is most important for me to achieve and I will only be satisfied with the final result when both, the customer and me think that the flute is in a perfect condition. Your wishes and suggestions are always welcome. Currently I am playing a Muramatsu PTP, which was the descendant to a very beautiful AD model. I am very confident in the Muramatsu Flute and therefore I am gladly willing to offer a service which cannot be found anywhere else.

The Muramatsu Flute is one of the few most demanded makers in the whole world. Placing an order can take longe time. Since I am specialised on The Muramatsu Flute, there are always different kind of Instruments in stock. If you are interested in test playing, please feel free to cantact me my mail or phone. The current stock and the prices you can easily find on the site.